LIC India Premium Calculator to find your LIC Premium

Premium Calculator

Traditionally when you want to know how much premium you need to pay for a LIC policy you want to buy, the LIC Agent is always there to guide us. However, what if you want to calculate LIC premium you already own or plan to buy without asking the agent. LIC India has a premium calculator available. In this post, ...

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How to apply for Ration Card Online through e-PDS portal

How to apply for Ration Card Online through e-PDS portal

Ration Card is one of the crucial documents which can be used when applying for Passport or Aadhar card. While its importance has dropped the past couple of years, if you still want to apply for Ration Card, it can be done online. There is a facility of digital ration card as well, and you can apply to get one ...

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Golden rules to avoid Fire accidents in Hospitals

Fire Accidents Avoid Rules

There are reasons why standards are built. National Building code offers a set of rules which any hospital or building can follow to avoid fire accidents. On 8th December 2011 is the black day for all Kolkatans. AMRI is one of the most famous and multi-specialty hospitals of Kolkata situated in Dhakuria, South Kolkata. Around 2.15 at night, the fire ...

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How to take care of your skin this Winter?

skin care Winter

Today, everyone, whether men or women, all are very conscious about their beauty, skin, health, etc.  All want to look good and feel good. Today,  we will discuss skincare. Everyone has a different type of skin, some have dry skin while others have oily skin, but for all, the care of skin is a must. However,  we can take care ...

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World AIDS Day : Create awareness about AIDS to fight against it

AIDS Day Awareness

The first day in December is celebrated as the AIDS Day throughout the world. India is the world’s fourth-largest suffering country from aids. So, now its our duty to create awareness by wearing Red Ribbon and spread the fact about AIDS in the country. World AIDS Day: Create awareness about AIDS to fight against it What is AIDS? AIDS  means  Acquired ...

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How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in India (Electoral Roll)

Apply Voter Card Online

If you want to get a Voter Id Card without standing in a long queue, and a lot of paper, we have a piece of good news for you.  Election Commission of India offers the Online Application Process, very similar to Passport Application, where you can apply for Voter ID card easily and get a hearing date for the same. ...

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How to keep your home warm this Winter !!

keep home warm winter

Winter season is already knocking our doors, and I think on a cold winter day, there’s nothing more tempting than staying put under your warm cozy blankets. However, we all want to keep our home warm during winter. So here are the bunch of great tips to keep your home warm this winter. How to keep your home warm this ...

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Children’s Day and their Rights under the Constitution

Children’s Day Rights Constitution

November 14th, birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is also celebrated as Children’s Day. Nehru loved children and red roses immensely. He compared the buds of roses with the children, soft and tender. Both need special care and affection to grow. Nehru believed that children are our country. They need to boost up and motivate towards excellence. The President, Smt. ...

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Recipe for Fried Bitter Melon / Gourd (Bhuna Karela)

Fried Bitter Melon Recipe Karela

I bring you my mother-in-law’s recipe of Bhuna karela which is easy to cook & good for health as well. Karela comes in many different varieties and is similar in shape to a cucumber. In the Indian grocery stores in the US, you'll find the Indian, dark green, spiky variety, while in the Asian stores, you'll find the lighter-green bitter-melons that are larger with a bumpy peel.

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Handy tips to save Income tax in India

save income tax India

January has always been the month for fighting to plan tax-related investment schemes. The most popular ones are PPF, NSC, and equity-linked saving schemes. Even bank deposits and life insurance policies are also attractive ones that help ones to save tax up to Rs 1 lakh under Sec 80C. Here some handy tips to save income tax in India by investing ...

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